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Recent Work:

Red Oak, A Third Life Editor

MSN Road Raves Editor

Chloe Temtchine "Hotter Than Sunshine" Editor

Shari Summers "These Boots Are Made For Walking" Editor, Director

Shop Tobi - Meet Cathy and Corina Editor


How To Do A Backside 50-50 On A Skateboard Editor

How To Look Good In A Photograph Editor

How To Be A Celebutante Editor

How To Treat A Bee Sting With Lemon Editor

How To Be Assertive Editor

How To Connect Your Laptop To Your Television Editor

VideoJug: Roseanne On Fame And Celebrities Editor

How To Remove Cigarette Odor From Your Car Editor

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How To Serve Underhand In Volleyball Editor

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How To Find Out Who Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar Using CSI Editor

How To Do Bas Rutten's Exorcist Crank Editor

How To Pitch From The Windup In Baseball Editor

How To Have A Guys' Night In Editor

Student Films:

Standing Still Writer, Director, Editor

Pursuit Writer, Director, Editor

Better Off Undead: A Zombie Musical Director of Photography, Associate Editor